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If you are keen on the weather news, you might have heard of the disappointing news that the Met Office is no longer working with BBC. Well, you might be wondering who exactly Met Office is. 

The Met Office, which until the year 2000 was referred to as the Meteorological Office, is UK’s national weather services provider. The office makes meteorological predictions across the timelines, from simple weather forecasts to major changes in climate over time. Their work has been recognized well beyond the country’s boundaries, which has seen them work with reputable international companies that need data on climatic changes.

What Does the Met Office Do?

The Met Office collects data on weather and climate patterns and publicizes this data through the radio and TV stations to educate, inform and warn people depending on the patterns observed. Here are some of the tasks that the Met Office undertakes.

Shipping Forecasting

The forecast used by those traversing large water bodies around the British Isles is produced and broadcasted by the Met Office. This shipping forecast is usually broadcasted on radio.

Weather Forecasting

The Met Office makes weather predictions based on the research collected by the weather satellites, which are in space and used to observe the earth. The data is then processed through various models depending on the needs of the audience. You can get 36 hours, 48 hour or 144 hour forecasts with 1.5km, 4km, or even 25km resolution in the global model.

Harsh Weather Warnings

Every once in a while, the weather patterns show some craziness. It is at those times that the Met Office issues warning against impending harsh weather. This information is passed on to the officials to keep the environment safe, guard the transport infrastructure as well as inform the public to help prevent injury and loss of life in case of adverse weather.

Seasonal Forecasts

These forecasts are done and distributed to clients globally on the changing weather conditions in certain seasons depending on the demand. Being the first service provider to be recognized globally for long range forecasts, the Met Office continues to offer its services worldwide. Their research on extra tropics has broken the ground on global seasonal forecasting. If you need any long range weather forecasts, you can always visit the Met Office website.

Supply of Forecasts To Broadcasting Companies

The broadcasting companies need accurate data to give to their audience, a fact that has curved the niche for the Met Office. The weather forecasts supplied to the broadcasting companies are constantly updated through email or fax to ensure that consumers are also updated. Met Office works in close partnership with ITV and has been working closely with BBC since 1922

Forecasting Centers Associated With Met Office

The meteorological office works in close partnership with varied environmental and climate change stakeholders to bring up centers where information is easy to access. Here are some of the centers and their purposes

Flood Forecasting Center

This is a joint venture with the Environmental agency aimed at providing flood risk guidance to the UK government. The flood forecasting centers are also available in several other countries in Europe, and they come in handy, especially in the rainy seasons. These centers are jointly staffed by both organizations and are based at the meteorological office headquarters.

World Area Forecasting Centre

Referred to simply as the WAFC, they are only 2 (In Kansas and London) and are used to economically and safely route air travel, especially on long haul trips. The data given by these centers include the direction and speed of the wind, the temperature of the air, the type of clouds at a particular time and place, and other weather features that may affect smooth air travel.

Volcanic Advisory Centers

This is also a part of the aviation operation. These centers (also simply called VAAC) provide data on active volcanoes and the volcanic ash clouds that could get to the flight paths and affect aviation safety. Each VAAC is given an area for which they are responsible for to keep the flight paths clear and safe.

How to Contact the Met Office

If you need information or have a query, you can always check out Met Office website or the social media sites. If you still do not get the answer you are looking for, you can always get in touch with the office’s contact centre (the weather desk). You can call Met Office Tel: 0844 850 0031. Keep in mind that call charges are applicable. When you call 0844 numbers, it is important to know that extra charges, in addition to normal local rates, apply, up to around 7p per minute.



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