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Mother Nature is in grave danger. Let us join hands and collectively vow to protect her!

FLOOD RICK NET: Always Striving for a Harmonious, Balanced and Wholesome Environment 



Mother Nature has bestowed us with such bounty and abundance of resources, which has enabled the human race to flourish to the peak of civilization and technology as seen today. But in our quest for rapid development, urbanization and industrialization, we have disturbed the natural harmony of the environment, and caused major ecological imbalance, that is getting reflected in a number of catastrophic repercussions such as Global Warming, Flash Floods, Landslides, Soil Erosion, Toxic Land Fills, Rapid Depletion of Non Renewable Resources, Deterioration of Air Quality and so on and so forth.


Flood Rick Net came into being a few years ago in order to spearhead major initiatives for all causes related to the environment, and thereon mobilize people into doing their bit for environmental protection.



Save our Precious Forest Reserves!

When one thinks of protecting the environment, the primary aspect that comes into mind is the issue of deforestation, which is rapidly depleting trees from the earth’s surface. Considering the fact that trees are responsible for maintaining a steady oxygen supply for all of mankind as well as other living organisms, with the process of photosynthesis that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. Not only do trees provide us with oxygen, their role in the reduction of carbon dioxide levels is very important with the purview of keeping the greenhouse effect in control, and the reduction in the overall forested area on the earth’s surface as led to the issue of global warming also. We urge all fellow citizens to join hands with us, and collectively vow to save our precious forests today! 


Continuous Deterioration of Air Quality

From toxic effluents emitted by vehicles, to the harmful gases like CFCs given out by factories and industries, air pollution is becoming one of the most serious and internationally talked about issues of the present age. With our quest towards a more commercial and industrialized society, we often tend to forget that we are ultimately compromising with the quality of the very air that we are breathing. Very often, news channels are abuzz with deaths caused due to toxic smog formed in some part of the world. The reason why this issue is highlighted at all international forums today is that air is a collective resource shared by all nations, and it does not recognize boundaries of any kind whatsoever. Please feel free to call us and make your contribution towards reducing air pollution levels.


Water Pollution: A Major Cause of Concern

Many of us usually consider water as a freely available resource, and therefore take it for granted. What we often tend to forget is the fact that there are several parts of the world where there is such severe shortage of water that people have to walk for miles in order to fetch clean and potable water in order to fulfil their daily requirements. Apart from wastage of water, another very common issue that is of concern to environmentalists today is that of water pollution. Indiscriminate dumping of untreated domestic sewage and toxic industrial wastes into water bodies has started affecting the quality of freshwater in a very alarming manner, and if sufficient and suitable measures are not taken to put an end to this on time, we will very soon be facing acute shortage of this resource that we often tend to take for granted.







I think Flood Rick Net is doing an excellent job of promoting awareness about important issues related to the environment, be it the preservation of ecological balance, or about endangered species of flora and fauna and so on.
Eloise Frost
Sanitary Grocery Stores


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Flood Rick Net has an extensive and updated database of information, research findings and statistics pertaining to the environment around us, and I find it extremely useful to refer to their database from time to time.
Georgia Parkinson
Garden Guru

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